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Best Baby Monitor Reviews at Baby Monitor Best BuysPregnancy is not always easy and the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time choosing the best baby monitor for you.

All too often, pregnancy brain invades and it is difficult to choose what you want to eat for lunch, let alone stand in the baby monitor aisle at the store and figure out which baby monitor to buy.


This is where our baby monitor reviews make your life so much easier and allow you to find all the information you need on one site. The best part about finding the right baby monitors through our website is the abundance of great information right here, at your fingertips.

There is an overwhelming variety of functions, brands, models and types of baby monitors on the market today, and knowing which one is the best baby monitor for you can seem impossible.

However, the goal of this website is to offer you a comprehensive look at many top rated baby monitors and make your decision much easier for you.

Some off the best baby monitors are covered in our baby monitor reviews

While we do not sell or promote a specific brand or type of baby monitor, we do offer baby monitor reviews to help you narrow down your choices and allow you to get the best baby monitor for your money.

While you are searching for the best baby monitor, keep in mind it needs to be the best one for you. While some may be suitable for another family, it does not necessarily mean it will be the best to suit your needs.

There are several features and functions to consider when reading baby monitor reviews.


Feature 1 Night Light – Some models will have a night light on the camera unit.

Feature 2 Temperature Sensor – This will display the temperature of the babies room.

Feature 3 Voice and Sound Activation – Turns the parent unit on when the baby cries or makes other noises.

Feature 4 Two-Way Talk Capability  – Allows you to talk to you baby from the parent unit.

Feature 5 Volume Control – Adjust the volume from the parent unit.

Feature 6 Lullaby Function – Will play a lullaby or other soothing music with the push of a button from the parent unit.

Feature 7 Rechargeable Batteries – Allows you to recharge the batteries on the parent unit.

Feature 8 Battery Backup – Allows you to plug the baby unit in an A/C outlet or run on batteries.

Feature 9 Multiple Cameras – Some video models allow you to connect up to four cameras.

Feature 10 Low Battery Warning – Will tell you when the batteries are running low on you parent unit.

Feature 11 Out of Range Warning – Will let you know when you are out of range of your monitor.

Feature 12 Vibration Alert – Your parent unit will vibrate when your baby cries.

Feature 13 Auto Sound Detection – Will alert you when a sound come from your babies room.


These are the main features you will find on the best baby monitors and you will need to decide which ones are right for your circumstances.

Audio vs Video – Which is the Best Baby Monitor For You?

Today’s world seems more hectic than ever, most families are on the go constantly and need to be able to multitask accordingly. Baby monitors provide you with freedom of movement and assurance your baby is safe even when you are not in the same room. It replaces your eyes, or ears, and gives you a break from needing to constantly supervise your baby directly.

You can finally take that bubble bath you have been longing for without having to worry about what your baby is doing while you are in there. Many new parents soon find out that even a ten minute break to unwind gives a much needed chance to recharge in order to better face the challenges of the day.

However, you may be wondering if the added expense of a baby video monitor is worth it or if a traditional audio monitor will still meet your needs adequately.

Most parents feel that their expenditures are high enough without adding additional expense, but you can get basic high-quality video monitors now that are comparable in price to advanced high-quality audio monitors.

Another factor that may help you decide on the best baby monitor and if you want to go video or audio is to determine how many rooms in the house you would like supervised or if you have more than one child you want to monitor.

Levana Sophia Video Baby Monitor

The top-rated Levana Sophia Video Monitor offers connections of up to 4 cameras.

An invaluable tool for parents of two or more children is a video monitor that provides the option for multiple cameras. You can find video monitors that have up to four cameras, or more, per base unit. This gives you the flexibility to change baby’s diaper in the nursery while still keeping an eye on your curious toddler in the playroom.

Video monitoring also takes the guesswork out of wondering which child is distressed and why, if you are monitoring more than one child in the same room. Audio feeds can only tell you if a child is crying, not why or what happened to precipitate the distress.

Video cameras also have capabilities that far exceed audio monitors, especially for parents who have to work outside of the home. Some video monitors allow you to keep an eye on not only your precious child, but the caregiver or baby-sitter of the child as well, when you are not around. This can give you the ultimate assurance that your baby is being well taken care of in lieu of your presence.

There have been too many horror stories about children being hurt at the hands of their caregivers while their parents are at work. Video feeds that you can check online or store on a hard disk will give you peace of mind that your child’s well-being is top priority when you are away.

An additional benefit of video monitoring is you will never have to miss your child’s “first” anything – the first time he rolls over, his first word and his first step can be seen (and saved for posterity) even if you are sitting at your desk at work.

Many parents feel that video monitoring is an unnecessary expense at a time when money seems to be going out faster than it is coming in and, the fact is, parents have been raising children without the aid of video monitoring their babies for centuries, so you essentially do not need one. However, you might want one and choosing the best baby monitor for your needs and budget can help justify the cost.

You could, of course, check in on your baby in person, but another benefit of a video monitoring system hearkens back to the old adage – never wake a sleeping baby. A video feed allows you to keep an eye on your baby without ever having to set a foot in the door and disturb his slumber. A quick check of your video from the comfort of your own bed offers all the assurance you need that all is well with your infant.

Angelcare AC420 Audio Baby Monitor

The Angelcare AC420 is a top-rated audio monitor and comes with an attractive price tag.

Sound-only monitors are still a highly popular choice, and are the traditional option. Sound-only monitors are great for stay-at-home moms or dads who ultimately just need a monitor during nap time to know when the little one has awakened or in need of them. They are the most affordable option as well.

Usually these types of monitors come with a small receiver that can go wherever you go, which allows freedom of movement around the house. You can finally tackle that mountain of laundry in the back room without worrying you won’t be able to hear the baby wake from his nap. The best audio monitors will not only pick up on crying, but are sensitive enough to hear even small shifts of movement in bed or even a middle of the night cough.

Video monitors are a more expensive choice, but they do give you the option of keeping an eye on your baby 24 hours a day. Most video monitors also come with a small transmitter that is directly linked to a feed. Some allow you to check the feed online, while others are linked to a stationary monitor.

Newer models often use wireless feeds, which means it is safe to use around baby, but there are growing concerns over privacy issues. There have been some wireless monitors which have been hacked in the past by outside users, so you will want to ensure that the video monitor you choose has privacy protocols to prevent this from happening.

Most video monitoring models also have the capability of recording up to 24 hours at a time, which allows you to keep cute things your baby does as a keepsake while also ensuring they are safe when you are out of the room or left with a caregiver. Some newer models also offer night vision, so you can clearly see your baby even in a darkened room.

There are some video and sound-only monitors that feature motion detection, however the extent to which it detects motion and which motion it detects will vary. Some models may sound an alarm when baby stands up, leaves the room (helpful for parents of adventurous toddlers) or gets out of bed. Monitors that take advantage of the most advanced technology have the capability of sounding an alarm if your baby fails to breathe for more than 15 seconds at a time.

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Our baby monitor reviews include the best baby monitors on the market today.

The ratings are based on customer reviews from so you can be assured you’re getting the best baby monitor for your needs.

Monitor Range

Once you have decided if you would rather have a video or sound-only monitor, you will next need to determine how small or large of a range you need for your home. While the average range of most monitors is around 579 feet, you should check to see if the range of the baby monitor you are interested in falls in that average range. If you have a large home, you may need a stronger monitor that has the capability of exceeding the average range or if you have a smaller home, you may be able to save money by finding a high-quality monitor with a range less than the average.

Issues with Interference

Baby monitors operate using two methods of transmission – digital or analog. While digital is the newer technology, analog has been the traditional method.

Analog vs Digital Baby Monitor – Which are Best for Your Home?

Monitors using analog transmission operate under a select frequency range, generally between 49 MHz (megahertz) and 2.4 GHz (gigahertz). To get a crisp, clean sound with minimal feedback and static, you will want to choose a greater frequency. A monitor using a frequency of 2.4 GHz will have a much better sound quality than a monitor using 49 MHz. Analog monitors will occasionally pick up certain types of wireless phones or even other baby monitors within the immediate vicinity.

Digital baby monitors do offer a more secure choice than analog monitors as they convert sound into packets of data, which makes it much harder for outside sources to interfere with the feed or to pick up the transmission. You can also prevent outsiders from viewing any transmitted sound or video images by placing digital locks on your feed and on your wireless Internet. However, if you live in an apartment building with fire safety walls or a home with concrete walls, you may have trouble picking up the digital signal if it is not strong enough.

Matters of Convenience

Due to the vast amount of baby monitors available on the market, buying one that suits your needs can be a complex task. While price is usually the biggest consideration for most parents when they are choosing the best baby monitor for their needs, there are a variety of features available that you will want to consider in order to get the most convenient options for you.

Multi-Children Homes

If you need to keep an eye, or ear, on more than one child, a multi-room model would suit your needs. Multi-room models generally have several transmitters, or cameras, that tie back into one base, so you can monitor more than one child at the same time.


If the main reason you want a baby monitor is to have freedom of movement around the home, you will want to avoid clunky, heavy or wired models. Not only do these get in the way, but they ultimately prevent you from being as mobile as you could be otherwise.

Sound Activated Lights

Many models offer lights that brighten or change colors activated upon sounds. Many parents may get distracted by other children or their activity at hand and lose track of subtle sounds or movement transmitting through the monitor, but having sound activated lights will, more than likely, grab your attention. This is an especially convenient option for audio monitors.

Remote Transmission

While this option is not available on audio models, some video models have the capability of allowing you to monitor your baby in any room of the house that is outfitted with a camera over a stream accessed through a secure Internet site. Not only does this option provide you with a clear image, but it offers you the opportunity to check in on your baby even when you are not at home. You will never have to worry about what your baby is doing or how he is being treated while someone else is caring for them in your home.


Special Needs

Your choice of monitor may be a matter of meeting special needs of you or your child. Babies born prematurely or who had complications during birth can be more susceptible to breathing or heart issues. There are some models available that have motion-sensitive monitors and can detect what is going on with your baby throughout the nights. Most models have alarms that will sound out if your baby has not moved or breathed for several seconds.

If you, or another caregiver, is visually or hearing impaired, you will need to find a model that can accommodate your specific needs. If you are visually impaired, having a monitor that offers crisp, clear sounds will be of the utmost importance where as if you are hearing impaired, a model providing clear video images or sound-activated lights will be a better option.

Once you have determined your unique needs and what functions you would like a baby monitor to possess, our baby monitor reviews will help you choose the best baby monitor for you and your baby.

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