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Angelcare 1100 has a 3.9 out of 5 Customer Rating

Video technology is changing the baby market in amazing ways. Parents of babies with reflux and a variety of breathing problems are looking into baby monitors with this technology. Seeing their baby in addition to hearing them could save a baby’s life. Parents of perfectly healthy babies are rushing for these monitors because they feel more comfortable when they can take a peek at their monitor and see their baby. The Angelcare AC1100 Fits the bill.

Angelcare AC1100 Video Baby Monitor


Video enabled baby monitors also eliminate the need to open the nursery door and risk waking a baby up. Parents can set their minds at ease just by looking at the video feed on their receiver from any other room of the home.

Out of all the video baby monitors hitting the market, the Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor is clearly one of the highest quality options. This model offers audio and video monitoring and incorporates an advanced motion sensor. Take all of the features found on other bestselling Angelcare baby monitors and add in some new features. That is what you get with the AC1100.

Angelcare AC1100 Features


       Feature 1 Digital        Feature 12 Digital Zoom
       Feature 2 650 ft. Range        Feature 13 Adjustable Sensitivity
       Feature 3 19 Channels        Feature 14 Temperature Sensor/Display
       Feature 4 2.4 GHz Frequency        Feature 15 Two Way Talk-Back
       Feature 5 2.75″ LCD Touch Screen        Feature 16 Rechargeable Battery
       Feature 6 Night Vision        Feature 17 Battery Backup
       Feature 7 Timer        Feature 18 Low Battery Warning
       Feature 8 Night Light        Feature 19 Out of Range Warning
       Feature 9 Movement Sensor Pad        Feature 20 Audio “Tick” Feature
       Feature 10 Vibration Alert        Feature 21 Movement Lights
       Feature 11 Sound Light Alert        Feature 22 Parent Unit Finder

Video Quality

Angelcare AC1100 Parent UnitThe video feeds of the Angelcare AC1100 are displayed on a 2.75 inch color LCD screen. You can adequately monitor through a black and white video feed, but it is much easier to make out smaller details in the images when everything is well lit in color.

When comparing the Angelcare AC1100 to others on the market, note that this model offers a touch screen. You do not have to fumble with awkward buttons and knobs when you need to make an adjustment. This is not a feature that is heavily advertised by Angelcare, but it is one of the features that sell the model on many parents. Who wants to search for unlit buttons and controls in the wee hours of the morning?

The Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor functions with an infrared camera with night vision. This means the video screen is lit so you can see everything happening in the baby’s room without turning on the light to view the screen. When the baby’s room is dark, the night vision feature will kick in so you can see without a light on in that room. Even if the room is dark during daylight hours, the night vision will function as if it is nighttime.

Three Advanced Features

1. Camera placement inside your baby’s room is crucial to the performance of your baby monitor. The AC1100 monitor allows you to attach a small bending tripod to attach the camera directly to side of your baby’s crib. You can then bend, tilt, and manually adjust the camera so it covers the perfect area for effective viewing of your baby at all times.

2. This baby monitor comes with under-mattress sensor pads that detect motion on top of themattress. You can adjust between sensitivity settings. This is a way to avoid too many false alarms if your baby moves more or less than others during their sleep. This is an advanced feature that is becoming quite popular with parents of children with breathing difficulties, reflux, and other health concerns.

Angelcare Movement Pad

3. The room temperature inside the baby’s room is constantly monitored by the Angelcare AC1100. You can always see the exact temperature of the room on your receiver, so you never have to tiptoe in to feel it yourself. If the temperature becomes too hot or cool, an alert will sound on your receiver.

Battery Life

Each video receiver should operate for eight hours or more without needing recharged. You can plug the receiver into the wall to charge, and the unit can be used while plugged in. Four AAA batteries can also be used to keep your receivers ready to go. Battery life is quite impressive with these uints.

The Advantages:

Advantage 1 Sharp, clear video quality

Advantage 2 Color video display

Advantage 3 Easy-to-use touch screen

Advantage 4 High quality night vision

Advantage 5 No interference problems

The Disadvantages:

Disadvantage 1 The motion detector pads can be overly sensitive, sending out false alerts. You can solve this problem by purchasing a thin board and placing it underneath the sensors under the baby’s mattress. This adds stability so the pads can be more accurate.

Disadvantage 2 You can only tilt the camera if you use the small tripod and attach directly to the baby’s crib. This is an extra expense and an extra step in the set-up process.

Final Recommendations on the Angelcare AC1100

The Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor is perfect parents who will accept nothing but the best of the best in terms of technology and protection for their children. The features on this digital baby monitor are beyond what most other monitors currently on the market can offer.

If your baby has any type of medical condition that makes you nervous about leaving them alone in a room, you will get more sleep with the AC1100 in your home. Even if your child is perfectly healthy, you will have greater peace of mind if you can view your child at all times, monitor for movement in the crib, and monitor room temperature at all times. Even parents of active toddlers appreciate these monitoring features as their children get older.

The best thing about The AC1100 is they offer this loaded baby monitor with amazing features at an incredible price point. You do not have to be rich to effectively keep your baby safe in your home while getting a little sleep yourself.

Here is a video review of the Angelcare AC1100 Video Baby Movement Monitor


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Angelcare 1100 Baby Monitor carries a 3.9 out of 5 Star Customer Rating

This is the new updated Angelcare 1100 Baby Monitor and with 33 reviews carries a 3.9 out of 5 Star Customer Rating

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