Angelcare AC201 Baby Monitor – A Comprehensive Review


3.8 Customer RatingThe Angelcare motion and sound baby monitors have become incredibly popular, and it all started with the Angelcare AC201. This is one of the original motion and sound monitors released from the brand, and it continues to be quite popular even though more advanced models have hit the market. If you have a tight budget but want the peace of mind that comes with an Angelcare motion and sound monitor, this could be your best pick.

Angelcare AC201 Baby Monitor

You will have to deal with a bit more static than you would have with the more advanced models, but the Angelcare AC201 is still an exceptional value for the price tag. Some parents who used the AC201 when it was originally released switched to the more advanced 401 model when it was released, but many found that they preferred the older version. Keep reading this Angelcare AC201 review to compare features and determine whether you may enjoy the AC201 more than the more expensive models as well.

Angelcare AC201 Features


       Feature 1 Analog         Feature 7 Out of Range Warning 
       Feature 2 Movement Sensor Pad        Feature 8 Movement/Sound Lights
       Feature 3 820 ft. Range        Feature 9 Audio “Tick” Feature
       Feature 4 2 Channels        Feature 10 Sensitivity Adjustment
       Feature 5 Backup Battery        Feature 11 49 MHz Frequency
       Feature 6 Low Battery Warning  


There are seven features on the AC201 monitor that should be considered when comparing it to other baby monitors:


1. Mattress Sensor Pad

The Angelcare motion sensor pad is placed underneath your baby’s mattress on a sheet of plywood. You will have to purchase the plywood separately, but it is important. You will not get accurate motion detection without the pad being placed on this hard surface beneath the mattress.

Angelcare AC201 Movement Pad

The Angelcare movement pad slides under the mattress.

The motion detector alarm will sound if your baby does not move for 20 consecutive seconds. You can then check on your baby and press a button to tell the monitor that your baby is okay. This may seem like a hassle at times, but it is always better to check and know for sure that your baby is safe than to deal with an alarm that does not send out these warnings when it may be needed.

There is a button you can press to tell the monitor that your baby is out of the crib, so the alarm does not sound every 20 seconds when you are caring for the baby out of the crib.

You can turn off the audio feature and just use the Angelcare Ac201 as a motion detector. Many parents use this feature in addition to other baby monitors they are already using for audio coverage.

2. Sound Sensitivity Options

Do you want your monitor to pick up every breath your little one takes, or would you prefer the monitor only pick up louder cries? The Angelcare AC201 baby monitor allows you to determine the sensitivity setting on the audio feature. This is convenient, but it is also a great way to rule out false alarms from a fan or other subtle noises in the room.

3. Power Options

Most baby monitors of this type operate only from AC plugs, but what happens if you lose power during a storm? Angelcare placed a battery pack in this monitor, so the power can go out and your monitor will switch over the battery operation. This is a safety net to ensure you do not lose contact with your baby’s room if the power fails.

4. Ticking Feature

You can set the Angelcare AC201 baby monitor to make a soft ticking sound continuously. Some parents enjoy this sound and it helps them sleep while their baby is sleeping, but it is designed to give parents peace of mind. If you are one of those parents who do not appreciate this noise, you can turn it off and watch for lights on the front of the unit to monitor your baby’s motion and sounds.

5. Two Channel Options

Angelcare created the more advanced motion and sound monitors because there were reports of interference with the AC201 model. If you have a wireless network for your computer system or use cordless phones at home, then you may have to work with the two channel settings on this model to reduce interference. This potential problem only relates to the audio feature. You can use the motion detector without interference.

6. Sound Lights

Sound lights on front of the monitor alert to motion and sounds in your baby’s room without the need for continuous noise. You can turn the volume low on the monitor with the peace of mind that the lights will tell you when something needs your attention. This is something to consider seriously if someone caring for your baby is hearing impaired, but it is a convenient feature for all caregivers.

7. Low Battery Light

This light gives advance warning that the batteries in the monitor are running low. You never have to worry about the unit suddenly giving out in the middle of the night, since you have the chance to purchase batteries and replace them before that happens. The batteries are not rechargeable, but all units use AAA batteries that are affordable and easy to find in stores.

Angelcare AC201 Baby Monitor Advantages

Advantage 1 Motion Sensor Technology

Advantage 2 Battery Backup

Advantage 3 Sound Sensitivity Settings

Advantage 4 Sound Lights

Angelcare AC201 Baby Monitor Disadvantages

Disadvantage 1 No Voice Activation

Disadvantage 2 No Nightlight

Disadvantage 3 Not Completely Digital

Disadvantage 4 No Temperature Display

Disadvantage 5 Non-Rechargeable Batteries

You have to consider these potential disadvantages when comparing the Angelcare AC201 to other baby monitors, especially the more advanced motion and sound monitors from Angelcare. This may be one of the most affordable Angelcare baby monitors on the market, but it is also one of the most basic units in terms of features. Make sure it delivers what you expect from a baby monitor before making a purchase.

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Angelcare AC201 receives 3.8 Customer Rating

6 customers gave the Angelcare AC201 Monitor a 3.8 overall average Star Rating.

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