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4.4 Star Customer RatingThe Angelcare AC401 baby monitor pleases all parents concerned with quality. Crisp, accurate audio feeds assure you hear every sound.

Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor

Video baby monitors are getting a lot of attention these days because they are innovative and presumed to be better than audio monitors. Yet, not all parents are buying into the hype. Many see that a high quality audio monitor is all they need on most occasions.

If you have multiple children in the home or lead a busy lifestyle, chances are you won’t have time to stare at a video monitor. There are many other reasons you may just want to purchase a high quality audio baby monitor with a motion sensor.

The Angelcare AC401 baby monitor is getting a lot of attention for its crisp audio feeds and high quality motion sensor, but is it really the best on the market? Keep reading for more in-depth information on this monitoring system.

Features of the Angelcare AC401


       Feature 1 Analog        Feature 11 Out of Range Warning
       Feature 2 820 ft. Range        Feature 12 Voice Activation
       Feature 3 8 Channels        Feature 13 Volume Control
       Feature 4 Movement Sensor Pad        Feature 14 Vibration Alert
       Feature 5 Night Light        Feature 15 Parent Unit Finder
       Feature 6 Digital Display        Feature 16 Rechargeable Batteries
       Feature 7 Temperature Display        Feature 17 Battery Backup
       Feature 8 Adjustable Sensitivity        Feature 18 Low Battery Warning
       Feature 9 Audio “Tick” Feature        Feature 19 927 MHz Frequency
       Feature 10 Movement/Sound Lights  

Ease of Use

Once you receive the Angelcare AC401 baby monitor, you have to hook the motion sensor device to your baby’s bed. This is done by placing the motion pads underneath your baby’s mattress. You should plan to place the pads over a thin board to prevent false alerts. The pads connect to a transmitter and feed information regarding movement on top of the mattress back to the receivers placed elsewhere in your home.

Angelcare AC401 Movement Pad

This process is fast and simple. You have to charge the batteries to get the system going, but it is great that the system comes with rechargeable batteries. That is a definite plus over many other audio systems.

Once everything is set up, you can switch your home receivers on or off. Each Angelcare AC401 receiver has a nightlight feature that can be turned on and off as well. You can also program all of the following into your system directly from the receivers:

Program 1 Noise alerts

Program 2 Alerts when movement stops

Program 3 Room temperature alerts

The most valuable feature of the Angelcare AC401 is the alert that sounds when a baby stops moving. The system waits a given period of time to detect a movement, and then sounds a beep inside the baby’s room if no movement is detected. This beep is designed to alert the baby and make them move. If no movement is detected after this first alert, an alert is sent out to other receivers in the home. This is protection for your baby that even a video monitor cannot deliver if it does not have an advanced motion sensor.

The receivers are well lit with a color LCD screen. You can keep them stationary or clip them to your pants and walk around with them. You also have a constant reading on the temperature inside the baby’s room. You can mute the system for noise when you go in to care for your little one. If you lose your receiver, there is a location feature. Voice activation for the receiver is an option as well.

Angelcare has truly created a life-saving product with this easy-to-use Angelcare AC401 baby monitor. It should be a required household feature for any family with a baby having breathing difficulties. Yet, do not assume you don’t need the motion detector if your baby is perfectly healthy. This is an amazing feature that can help parents save their babies before it is too late.

Sound Quality

The Angelcare AC401 baby monitors offer eight channels, so you can minimize interference by switching the channel as needed. There are two operational frequencies for this model: 921 MHz and 2.4 GHz. The sound monitor will function through the 921 MHz frequency, which eliminates interference from Wi-Fi and other devices utilizing the other frequency.

The parent receivers are high quality and have excellent range covering 820 feet. Even if you have an area of the home where your cordless phones do not work well, it is likely your Angelcare AC401 receivers will perform in those areas.

The best sound feature on this monitor is the ability to program the amount of sound you want to hear. The voice activation feature allows the transmissions to stop only when there is sound within the room to be detected. The other option is to keep the voice activation off and allow transmissions to feed constantly into the receivers whether your baby is making noise or not.

Battery Life

The Angelcare C401 baby monitor operates on battery power or can be plugged into the wall. If the power goes out, the system automatically draws on the batteries. All batteries are rechargeable, and the receivers start to beep about every 15 seconds if the charge is running low. Each receiver operates on four AAA batteries. They actually run for an impressive length of time before running out of juice.

The Advantages of the Angelcare AC401

Advantage 1 The motion sensor has saved lives, and will save more in the future. This is definitely a unique system that few baby monitors can compete with today.

Advantage 2 Installation is painless. You do not have to spend a lot of time and exhaust your energies getting a functional system up and running.

Advantage 3 Portability to the extreme. You can move receivers from one room to the next, and the entire unit can travel with you if needed.

Advantage 4 Two receivers allow you to cover two areas of the home without moving the receivers. Alternatively, the Angelcare AC401 receivers can be swapped out so freshly charged batteries are always on hand.

Advantage 5 A subtle nightlight covers the baby’s room, and parent receivers are well lit with LCD screens. You never have to turn on the lights in the middle of the night to make adjustments.

Advantage 6 Sound monitoring can continue even after the baby has outgrown the need for the motion detector.

The Disadvantages of the Angelcare AC401

Disadvantage 1 The motion detector will give false alerts if you do not place a board under the motion pads beneath the mattress. If you are prepared for this when you make the purchase, set-up is still fast and easy.

Disadvantage 2 The motion detector does leave cords coming from underneath the mattress. You must make sure they are positioned so a baby cannot grab them or get tangled in them. If you are aware of this during set-up, there is no danger to your baby.

If there were one big disadvantage to the AC401 baby monitor, it would be that not enough parents are aware of this advanced motion detection technology!

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4.4 Star Customer Rating

98 Customers gave the new version Angelcare AC401 a 4.4 Star Rating

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