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4.1 Star Customer RatingAngelcare makes some of the best baby monitors with motion sensors and video receivers, but what if you don’t need those advanced features? You can save a bit of money and still bring home the quality of an Angelcare monitor by purchasing the toned down Angelcare AC420 baby monitor. This model offers only the audio features available on other models.

Angelcare AC420 Baby Monitor

Angelcare AC420 Features


       Feature 1 Analog        Feature 8 Voice Activation 
       Feature 2 820 ft. Range        Feature 9 Volume Control
       Feature 3 927 MHz & 2.4 GHz Frequency        Feature 10 Rechargeable Battery
       Feature 4 8 Channels        Feature 11 Battery Backup
       Feature 5 Night Light        Feature 12 Out of Range Warning
       Feature 6 Digital Display        Feature 13 Sound Light Alert
       Feature 7 Temperature Sensor/Display  


This model is routinely noted on Amazon’s list of top rated products, which is not surprising with the popularity of the brand with modern parents. If you cannot invest in other models with more advanced features, or you simply do not need those features, the AC420 monitor is an excellent alternative.

Sound Quality

How much noise you hear through your receiver depends on which setting you use. The voice activation setting will only deliver audio when there is noise inside your baby’s room. The standard setting will deliver continuous noise feeds whether there is noise or not. The age of your child, your distance from the room, and what you are monitoring for will determine which setting is best for your home.

Besides hearing the sound, you can watch the front of the receiver to see lights flash when noise is detected inside the room. This is convenient if you are vacuuming the floor, running on the treadmill, or doing other things while monitoring for activity in the baby’s room.

The biggest problem parents face with audio baby monitors is interference and static. That is not a big problem with the Angelcare AC420 baby monitor, since there are eight channels. You can simply change the channel if a frequency is being used by your neighbors or your cordless phones.

You can use the sensitivity setting on the receiver to determine what noise is picked up in your baby’s room. This system can tell the difference between background noise in the room and a noise made by your baby. This is a testament to how far baby monitor technology has come through the years. Rather than feeding constant white noise and static into the receiver, the AC420 will only feed legitimate noises that tell you how your baby is doing in the next room.

Power and Range

The Angelcare AC420 baby monitor can be plugged into the wall, or it can operate on battery power. You can recharge the receiver on the docking station to keep it ready for transport throughout the house when you need to monitor on the go. If you lose power, the system instantly switches from outlet power to battery power.

The range for this model is up to 820 feet from the transmitting unit (your baby’s room). There is an indicator on the receiver to alert when you have gone out of this range. If you have a large home, make sure you determine that that range is suitable prior to making a purchase.

Other features

The Angelcare AC420 baby monitor comes with a room temperature detector. If your baby’s room becomes too hot or cold, an alert will sound on the receiver. You do not have to enable this feature, but it is an added convenience that can help you keep your baby comfortable and safe.

The transmitting unit that goes in your baby’s room does have a built-in nightlight. This produces a soft glow of light that does not interfere with your baby’s sleep.

Recommendations For the Angelcare AC420

This baby monitor is ideal for parents uninterested in the more advanced features offered on other Angelcare baby monitors. If you want the quality known to come with this brand but want to save a bit of money, then you should look into this model first.

This is one of the most reliable audio baby monitors currently on the market, since background noise and interference are eliminated. If you are tired of the complication that comes with other baby monitors, this is one you should check out.

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4.1 Star Customer Rating

494 customers reviewed the Angelcare AC420 Monitor and gave it an average 4.1 Star Rating

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