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Happy Mother with BabyMany parents desire to keep a watch on their children at all times. However, this is not possible due to their hectic schedules. This is why modern technology has introduced baby monitors that can help parents and guardians keep a watch on their babies. These gadgets have made surveillance of children much easier today. The monitor system of this pro-baby gadget is simple. It comprises of a transmitter unit and at least one receiver unit. The transmitter unit has an in-built microphone for transmitting sound waves to the receiver unit. The receiving unit is tuned to the same sound frequency as the transmitting unit. The transmitter is placed in the baby’s room, preferably close to the bassinet. The receiver can be placed anywhere in the home. The parent or guardian can now freely carry wireless units from one room to another room for monitoring the baby continuously.

The current market scenario has basic and extended categories of baby monitors. Each of the monitor categories has its own advantages. This is why it is difficult to decide on the best baby monitor amongst the many options available. It would be prudent to choose a monitor type which would suit the home environment. Deciding on the type of monitor would depend upon the size of the house, type of walls and the specificity of usage desired by its occupants. The basic categories comprise of video and audio monitors, whereas the extended categories has many more options. The most basic video baby monitor comprises of a mini video camera in the transmitter unit with a reciprocal LCD screen on the receiver unit. Some of these screens are quite small and do not display finer details well, but others are large and give an up-close view of the room being monitored.

The analog audio monitor is considered as a popular option by parents who do not lookout for enhanced features in the extended category type. Some audio monitors allow parents a two-way communication with the baby. This type of baby monitors is considered as unique because parents can direct a certain act to be undertaken in the baby’s room in case the baby starts crying or gets restless. For someone who desires advanced audio baby monitors would prefer wireless systems as they are the most convenient. Wireless receivers need not be plugged and hence can be carried anywhere in the house. These are advanced video baby monitors which allow monitoring of babies from remote locations with the help of computer.

Although wireless types may seem like the most beneficial types of baby monitors, this is not essentially true. Homes experience a lot of interference from phone systems, wireless routers, and neighboring monitors which can make wireless baby monitors quite a problem. Digital baby monitors cover wide ranges in homes without the receiver losing contact with the transmitter. In fact, there is no need for analog units for covering the entire home. The digital system also does not pick up conversations from wireless phones or feeds from the neighbor’s baby monitor. Before finding a monitor for residential space, it is necessary to browse through baby monitor reviews to procure the most appropriate device.

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