Top Tips for Finding the Best Baby Monitors

Angelcare ac401 One of the Best Baby MonitorsIf you have been going back and forth in regards to your budget for a baby monitor, ask yourself one question: what is your baby’s safety worth to you? This may seem like a loaded question, but it is completely valid. When you select the best baby monitors for your home, you select the greatest degree of safety for your baby. When you go with the cheapest monitor you can find without regard to quality, you could be cutting corners on the safety of your baby.

The job of a baby monitor is to keep your baby safe even when you are not standing right by them. What matters most is the clarity, efficiency, and dependability of a monitor. The price tag is something to consider, but it should never be used as a predictor of the quality offered by a monitor.

Ideally, you will start shopping for your baby monitor before the baby is born. This gives you time to pay attention to some key factors that will help you find the best baby monitors for your home. Once you start identifying the best models and comparing specs and prices, you will easily see which unit fits your home and your lifestyle.

Frequency, Size, and Distance

You have to pay attention to frequency, size, and distance when purchasing a baby monitor. You need a frequency that will efficiently serve your home, and you have to consider the distance between the baby’s room and the rooms you will spend the most time in while the baby is sleeping. Many lower priced monitors do not have the frequency required to cover a large home or a multi-level home.

Receiver Size and Charging Issues

The first baby monitors to hit the market years ago came with large receivers that had to be plugged into the wall. Today, receivers are getting smaller and smaller, just like cell phones. This reflects the mobile lifestyle that most people now live and the growing consumer demand for electronics that are portable and lightweight.

The best baby monitors for traveling around the house will have clips to attach the receiver to your belt or the top of your pants. This clip should be durable enough for daily use, and should clip tight enough so it doesn’t fall off during movement.

The battery life and method of recharging a receiver is important as well. It has to remain fully charged to ensure you hear and see everything coming out of your baby’s room at all times. You should also have an indicator if your battery starts to run low.

The Best Baby Monitors Block Interference and Static

Interference is one of the biggest annoyances of using this type of technology. If your neighbor is using a cell phone or their own monitor on a frequency near yours, it is possible that even the best baby monitors can feed some of their noises into your home. The only way to avoid this is to purchase a monitor that has the capability of blocking out this type of interference.

The Best Baby Monitors

The best baby monitors will allow you to hear everything happening inside your baby’s room while also seeing a picture of the room. The sound quality of the audio is extremely important, so make sure your video monitor is superior in that area. You will be able to quickly glance over and see that your baby is still sleeping, breathing, and at peace with a larger viewing screen. Smaller viewing screens may make you squint to see this.

You will be surprised at the price tag now appearing on some of the best baby monitors on the market. The best is not always the most expensive!

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