Tell Tale Signs of a Good Baby Monitor

As much as you would love to keep your baby in your arms around the clock, that just is not possible. You have to go the restroom, keep your home tidy, and perhaps cater to older children in your household. Sometimes you just need a few minutes to yourself to keep your sanity. The only way to keep up with a well balanced life is to find safe ways to occupy the baby while you cater to these other needs. A good baby monitor is the key for most parents and with these baby monitor reviews you can be sure you will find the best of the best baby monitors.

Good Baby Monitor

A good monitor allows you to hear every noise occurring inside your baby’s bedroom while you are in other areas of the home. If you have a good video baby monitor, you can even see what is happening around your baby. This allows you to tend to other duties without worrying about your little one.

As wonderful as this is, it can be difficult to identify a good baby monitor from one that may not function as desired. Make sure your chosen monitor has all of the following tell-tale signs of excellent performance:

1. Clear Reception

Read reviews from other parents to ensure your chosen baby monitor has clear audio and video display. If there is too much static or the unit in your baby’s room does not pick up sound adequately, you will not have the peace of mind a good baby monitor should give you.

2. Portability

Make sure you can transport your baby monitor from one room of the home to another easily. Look for compact, lightweight receivers that can be hooked to your body or carried around without plugging in wires every time you switch rooms.

3. Alerts and Alarms

A good baby monitor will tell you when a sleeping baby starts making noise. If you are running the vacuum cleaner and cannot make out the soft sounds of light movement, an alert should get your attention. Some of the more advanced monitors now on the market will also sound an alarm when a baby stops breathing. This type of alarm requires a sensor to be placed under the mattress.

Every baby monitor should have a light that alerts to low battery power. You do not want your receiver giving out without you realizing it is no longer functioning.

4. Adequate Range of Coverage

Before purchasing a baby monitor, make sure it will cover the full range of your home. When you move outside of the range of coverage, your receiver will be unable to pick up signals coming from the unit in your baby’s room. Measure your home and make sure the bandwidth of your chosen monitor is adequate for the distance you may travel away from your baby. Keep in mind that there may be more interference or static when you move toward the outer areas of that covered range.

Budgeting for a Good Baby Monitor

If you want a baby monitor with video coverage and other advanced features, you can expect to pay more for your system. Our baby monitor reviews point out these top-of-the line systems and believe me, these are the best baby monitors you’ll find anywhere. You can always shop sale prices online to find the best unit for the best price, but that requires shopping well in advance of your baby’s expected arrival into the world.

If you simply cannot afford an advanced unit, you can pick up a good analog monitor for a reasonable price. Just make sure you are checking for all of the above signs of a good monitor if you are shopping in the lower realms of the market.

A baby monitor can be a blessing to your home. It can keep your baby safe while allowing you to get other things done around your home. As long as you ensure your chosen unit is a good baby monitor, you will have peace of mind with this addition to the home.

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