Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor Review – What Parents Should Know


The Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor Received a 3.9 Star Customer RatingThis Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor review reveals detailed information on a middle-of-the-market baby monitor. While it is one of the most affordable baby monitors on the market, it suffers from some of the problems faced by most low-cost baby monitors.

Graco Secure Coverage Baby Monitor

It is important to note right away that this monitor does not live up to the advertised 2,000 foot range. That would be a spectacular achievement for such a low-priced monitor, but testing has revealed that the actual device is nowhere near that range. While this is not the worst baby monitor selling today, it is also a far cry from the best. Make sure to read this Graco Secure Coverage review and then compare with other competing reviews.


Graco Secure Coverage Features


       Feature 1 Digital        Feature 7 Volume Control
       Feature 2 2000 ft. Range        Feature 8 Rechargeable Batteries
       Feature 3 900 MHz Frequency        Feature 9 Battery Backup
       Feature 4 8 Channels        Feature 10 Low Battery Warning
       Feature 5 Vibration Alert        Feature 11 Out of Range Warning
       Feature 6 Sound Light Alert        Feature 12 Belt Clip


Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor Advantages

The overall design of this monitor is quite nice for the low price tag. It doesn’t feel or look cheap, and the receiver is easy to grip when carrying it around the house. It is simple to operate, so you won’t spend too much time fiddling with buttons and reading the manual.

If you want to pay just $20 more, you can opt for the model that comes with two parent receivers. This is quite convenient if you want to keep one in the bedroom and move the other around the house during the day.

You also get one unique feature that must be highlighted in any Graco Secure Coverage review: vibration alert. You will never miss an important noise due to background noises in your home because the receiver will vibrate when your baby needs care. That is a feature you won’t find on many other monitors in this price range.

Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor Disadvantages

It is always a red alert when a manufacturer makes big promotional claims that cannot be validated through direct trial. That is the biggest disadvantage for this monitor. While it is supposed to have an amazing 2,000 f00t range, tests show that it is far less than that in the real world. What’s worse than this false advertisement is the fact that a lower priced monitor is not expected to have that much range, so there was no reason for the manufacturer to make that up.

Now, understand that the range and resistance to interference was still competitive when tested. It just wasn’t quite what you would be lead to believe if you read Graco’s website or looked at the packaging without reading this Graco Secure Coverage review. In the overall baby monitor market, the actual range on this model is toward the bottom of the list. It may be okay within the lowest price range, but it is not okay when competing with all monitors on the market today.

Is it surprising that many parent reviews complain that the range was much shorter than they expected at the time of purchase? Perhaps Graco was able to pull a trick or two to get an impressive range out of this model during their private testing, but recent testing was unable to replicate the results and consumer reviews show most parents cannot either.

Beyond the false advertising, it is disappointing that Graco did not offer sound activation on this monitor. This is a great feature that allows parents to get more rest when their babies are young, and it is something found on other baby monitors within this same price range.

Add on that there is more static with this monitor than others within the price range, and you see why this is never going to be a leader in the market. Sound quality is just not up there with other monitors selling for less than $50.

Is This the Monitor for You?

The price tag definitely grabs your attention, but there are other monitors within the same price range that have a lot more to offer. Read other reviews and compare prices before you decide this is your top pick.

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Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor 3.9 Star Rating

The Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor received a 3.9 out of 5 Star rating from 241 customers

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