Levana Sophia 2.4 Digital Video Baby Monitor Review


The Levana Sophia receives a 4.4 user ratingWhile the Levana Sophia video baby monitor from Levana is considered a low-cost monitor for those with limited budgets, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad buy.

Levana Sophia Video Baby Monitor

Some of the most affordable video baby monitors are quite reliable and high functioning, but they may have limited features. If you aren’t concerned about high-tech features or the latest and greatest advances on the market, this is a budget-friendly option to consider.

Before making a final decision on which baby monitor to purchase, compare this review of the Sophia baby monitor to other video monitors. Consider the features as well as advantages and disadvantages of many different monitors before deciding for or against the Levana Sophia digital baby monitor with video capability.

Levana Sophia Video Monitor Features


       Feature 1 Digital        Feature 9 Voice Activation
       Feature 2 500 ft. Range        Feature 10 Volume Control
       Feature 3 2.4 GHz Frequency        Feature 11 Temperature Sensor
       Feature 4 19 Channels        Feature 12 Rechargeable Batteries
       Feature 5 2.4″ LCD Display        Feature 13 Low Battery Warning
       Feature 6 Night Light        Feature 14 Battery Backup
       Feature 7 Night Vision        Feature 15 Sound Light Alert
       Feature 8 Two Way Talk-Back        Feature 16 Connect up to 4 Cameras

You can’t rule out this cheap video baby monitor without considering this impressive list of features: Most cheap baby monitors don’t feature night vision and temperature control, so keep that in mind when comparing this Levana baby monitor to other digital monitors within the same low-budget price range. You will get a shorter battery life between charges if you keep the monitor out of power-saving mode, but 48 hours of functionality is comparable with some higher-priced models.

Levana Sophia Parent Unit

You can talk to your baby from the hand held parent unit.

Two-way communication means you can talk to your baby from the parent unit. This is one of the best advanced features on the market today because it allows you to sing or talk your baby back into sleep rather than rushing into their room with every noise you hear.

Every parent knows that babies move around and make noise during the night, and even tiptoeing into the room can startle them. Two-way communication ensures that you avoid as many sleepless nights as possible by communicating through the monitor without opening the nursery door. What makes the Sophia video monitor even nicer is the option to turn the night light off or on without actually going into the baby’s nursery.

You can also monitor the noise level in your baby’s room by watching the LED lights on your parent unit. Green light indicates standard noise level while the lights blink red when screaming or other loud noise is detected. This allows you to wash laundry, do the dishes, talk on the phone and pay attention to other distractions without missing an alert from your baby’s room.

Is Power-Saving Mode Safe?

The power-saving feature on the Sophia Levana baby monitor is called PEEP, but it is comparable to the VOX feature offered on other popular baby monitors. This feature basically allows the camera to sleep until sound is detected within range of the baby’s receiver. You won’t see constant pictures of your baby in this mode, and that may take some getting used to at first. Rest assured that you will see an image once your baby starts to make noise, so it is a safe setting that allows your battery to last longer between charges.

Sophia Picture Quality

You will receive high-quality, clear images of your sleeping baby as long as you keep the receivers within a 500-feet radius of one another. You need to measure your home and consider the distance from the baby’s nursery or playroom to the areas of your home in which you spend a lot of your time. This will tell you whether 500 feet is an adequate range for your needs.

All signals transmitted on this system are encrypted for your safety, and the monitor won’t pick up interference from your Wi-Fi or monitors operating in nearby homes.

Optional Camera Connections

Levana Sophia Additional Camera

Connect up to four cameras to the Levana Sophia Video Baby Monitor

This is a camera-friendly monitor that can coordinate with up to four cameras if you want to purchase them as added accessories. This allows you to watch over your baby’s nursery and playroom as well as your living room and other areas where your baby likes to play. If you have more than one child that you need to monitor, adding cameras that you can monitor from one parent unit will save you money and a lot of headaches.

You can even install the cameras throughout your home to function as a nanny cam when you aren’t home. A sitter may expect cameras in the nursery, but they won’t expect you to have eyes in many other rooms of the home.

Sophia Levana Advantages

Advantage 1 Affordable retail price

Advantage 2 48-hour battery life (power-saving mode)

Advantage 3 Encrypted transmission

Advantage 4 500-feet range

Sophia Levana Disadvantages

Disadvantage 1 Camera doesn’t pan, tilt or zoom

Disadvantage 2 2.4” video display

While there are only two disadvantages to using this monitor, they are points you should seriously think about. The small video display is one way manufacturers are able to keep the price tag low. The same goes for the inability to pan, tilt and zoom the camera to get a better view inside the room being monitored. If those features are important to you, then you may need to go up in price range.

Is Sophia the Right Monitor for You?

This is a good buy if you are shopping on a tight budget or simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on a baby monitor. If you want to monitor multiple rooms of your home or have more than one child young enough to justify monitoring, then you could consider the Levana Sophia monitor a good buy.

Final Considerations

If you aren’t sure that you need all of the advanced features on this Levana baby monitor, think about the long term benefits. For instance, the ability to monitor more than one room of your home and speak to your child through your parent unit becomes extremely convenient when your baby grows into a toddler. Toddlers are into everything, and you need to watch them closely and speak to them quickly if they start to get into something.

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Levana Sophia Baby Monitor receives a 4.4 user rating

170 customer reviewers gave the Levana Sophia Video Baby Monitor an average 4.4 out of 5 rating which is awesome!


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