Motorola MBP33 Video Baby Monitor Review


4.4 Rating for the Motorola MBP33 Baby MonitorIf your baby monitor doesn’t do its job well, there is no use having it in your home. The purpose is to free you to clean the house, talk on the phone or get some rest without worrying about your baby. When you encounter excessive interference or your baby monitor doesn’t reliably transmit sounds and images from your baby’s room, your peace of mind is destroyed. You end up checking on and worrying about your baby just as you would without a monitor in the home.

Motorola BBP33 Video Baby Monitor

In order to secure the peace of mind that you crave, it’s important to find a baby monitor that combines the features you need with consistent reliability. According to many users, the Motorola mbp33 is one of those monitors. Most find it reliable, and it offers some of the best features on the market today:

Features of the Motorola MBP33


       Feature 1 Digital        Feature 9 Up to 4 Additional Cameras
       Feature 2 2.4 GHz FHSS Frequency        Feature 10 Temperature Sensor
       Feature 3 5 Channels        Feature 11 Volume Control
       Feature 4 590 ft. Range        Feature 12 Rechargeable Battery
       Feature 5 2.8″ LCD Display        Feature 13 Low Battery Warning
       Feature 6 Two Way Talk-Back        Feature 14 Out of Range Warning
       Feature 7 Lullaby Function        Feature 15 Sound Light Alert
       Feature 8 Night Vision        Feature 16 Remote Zoom

This monitor offers exceptional clarity in video imagery, so you won’t spend time squinting at the screen trying to determine exactly what you’re seeing. If you walk out of range, you will hear a warning sound. This ensures that you can freely roam your home or step outside without worrying that your monitor will stop working without notice.

You can watch your baby day and night, and the lullabies are an amazing resource for keeping a baby entertained or asleep for a longer period of time. With these features, you will drastically reduce the need to step into the baby’s room to check their wellbeing, and that means you can spend more time sleeping, spending time with other loved ones or remaining productive in household chores or work.

What Users Love

When writing this Motorola MBP33 review, we considered the opinions of parents, grandparents and other care providers using this Motorola baby monitor. The response was overwhelmingly positive, largely due to the better-than-expected performance of the monitor.

What seemed to make a big impression on many users is the lack of interference. Many baby monitors deliver static-filled images and sound which make it difficult to keep an eye on your little one. Most users found that there was little to no interference with this monitor, and they report a high level of clarity and sharpness in video imagery as well.

Users also report being able to wander around their homes, outside their homes and even through apartment buildings without going out of range for this monitor. It is extremely intuitive, and many report that it’s the most user-friendly design they have ever encountered in this market.

Features worth Mentioning

When compared with video monitors within the same price range, the Motorola MBP33 stands out when it comes to vivid imagery that you can see clearly. The night vision is where many video monitors tend to slack, but this one delivers clear black-and-white images that make it easy to monitor your little one throughout the night.

The parent receiver on this unit will alert you to the temperature in your baby’s room, and you can set an alarm to check on your baby at regular intervals. You may think that you don’t need an alarm to remind you to check on your baby, but many parents do find this useful. You can crash hard after a few nights without solid rest, and an alarm will wake you up to check on the baby at regular intervals. You may also use this feature if you work from home or get immersed in chores and tend to tune the monitor out at times.

Beyond the Baby

The Motorola MBP33 is also used in many homes without an infant or toddler. Since it offers a talk-back feature, it allows you to communicate with others without leaving the room you are currently in, and without screaming across the house. This means it is useful in many different circumstances, including communicating with an elderly loved one while giving them a sense of independence and personal space. Business owners also use this monitor to keep an eye on their offices or stores.

Potential Flaws

No Motorola MBP33 review is complete without disclosure of potential flaws in the model. While it doesn’t have as many flaws as many others on the market today, there are some things to keep in mind:

1. The battery life isn’t impressive to most users. If you want one charge to last an entire day, you will need to keep it in power-saving mode which means the screen isn’t illuminated all the time. Fortunately, most users don’t need to keep it powered up all day long.

2. There is no wall mount for this monitor. This limits where you can place it within the baby’s room. This isn’t a problem for every user, but you need to think about where you want to place the monitor before selecting one without a wall mount.

3. It’s difficult to achieve wide angles due to unimpressive tilt and lack of flexibility for adjustment. You also can’t tilt and pan the camera as you can with other monitors.

Motorola MBP33 Review – The Conclusion

While there are some features lacking on this video baby monitor, the features that are offered work exceptionally well. There are more advanced models from Motorola that you may consider if necessary, but this is a reliable model with an affordable price tag.

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Motorola MBP33 Receives 4.4 Customer Rating

The Motorola MBP33 receives a 4.4 out of 5 star customer rating based on 61 reviews.

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