Samsung SEW-3037W Video Baby Monitor Review


The Samsung SEW-3037W 3.5 Customer Rating

The Samsung SEW-3037W video baby monitor was ranked one of the best monitors on the market soon after its release, and it remains one of the most popular options for parents. If you want to watch your baby in all lighting conditions, talk to your baby directly through your receiver, and hear every movement your baby makes with clarity, this baby monitor offers all of the features you need.

Samsung SEW-3037W Video Baby Monitor

Features of the Samsung SEW-3037W Baby Monitor


       Feature 1 Digital        Feature 8 2.4 Ghz FHSS Signal
       Feature 2 Night Light        Feature 9 3.5″ Color LCD Display 
       Feature 3 Two-WayTalk        Feature 10 900 ft. Range
       Feature 4 Pan/Tilt/Zoom        Feature 11 Connect up to 4 Cameras
       Feature 5 Night Vision up to 15 ft.        Feature 12 Out of Range Warning
       Feature 6 Rechargeable Batteries        Feature 13 Sound Light Alert
       Feature 7 Voice Activation        Feature 14 Volume Control


The best way to compare a baby monitor to competing products is to learn about the features offered and how well those features work. The Samsung SEW-3037W functions exceptionally well, and that explains why it is one of the most popular monitors with parents, grandparents and other baby monitor users.

When you first look at this Samsung monitor, you will notice the modern design. All controls are placed in easy-to-reach locations, and it has a trendsetting appearance. Once the camera is in place in the baby’s room, the 3.5-inch screen on the parent monitor allows you to watch your baby during naptime, playtime and bedtime.

You can zoom in to get closer views of your baby, tilt the camera to the perfect viewing angle, and pan the camera as needed. This allows you to keep a closer eye on your baby without going into the room and disturbing them when it is unnecessary. You can also select the high-resolution mode when you want a more detailed image.

When your baby starts to wake up and you want to sing them back to sleep, you can do so through your parent receiver. This prevents you from opening the baby’s door and waking them up fully. This feature also comes in handy if your baby wakes up and you can’t go into their room immediately or want to talk to them while they are playing in their room.

Video cameras can burn through battery power faster than standard baby monitors, but you do have VOX as a method of power saving on this monitor. This allows you to watch over your baby while ensuring you have an adequate battery charge to make it through the night or a long nap.

Two Exceptional Features

Connect 4 cameras to the Samsung SEW-3037W Video Baby Monitor

You can connect up to 4 cameras to the Samsung SEW-3037W Monitor

Many video baby monitors fall short when it comes to image clarity when in night vision mode. The Samsung SEW-3037W is one of the few that do this feature justice. The picture is exceptionally clear, so you have that peace of mind that comes with knowing your baby is safe while sleeping through the night.

This Samsung baby monitor also has one feature that is starting to become quite popular in the baby industry: expandability. You can connect up to four cameras to a single monitoring system, allowing you to monitor four rooms of your home through one portable receiver. You can cover the baby’s room, the playroom, rooms for other children in the home, or even your living room area.

This feature allows you to use your baby monitor as a nanny cam if needed. You can always check up on the babysitter or other people in your home without them knowing that you have cameras throughout the house. You can also just watch over your baby during the day as they grow into the super active toddler years.

The Potential Problems

Even the best products have some potential for problem, and the Samsung SEW-3037W is no exception. The biggest complaint from users is that it makes a lot of noise when you turn it on or off. You may need to start the camera up before bringing a sleeping baby into the room, otherwise the startup sound may disturb their sleep.

Other complaints are that the menu feature isn’t intuitive, and the battery dies out too quickly. You will need to use the power-saving feature, and even then you need to keep a watch on the battery to ensure you have enough power or it is plugged in during the night or through long naptimes.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of advanced features on this baby monitor, and the list of potential flaws is quite short. If you want the ability to use your monitoring system as a nanny cam or just want a super clear picture in all lighting conditions, this is a good pick.

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Samsung SEW-3037W receives 3.5 Customer Rating

The Samsung SEW-3037W Video Baby Monitor receives an average 3.5 out of 5 customer rating from 760 reviews from

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