Snuza Hero Review – A Unique Spin on the Traditional Baby Monitor


4.6 Rating for the Snuza HeroThere are traditional baby monitors that sit across the room from your baby’s bed waiting to detect sound, and then there are modern innovations like the Snuza Hero monitor. Rather than sitting across the room, this unique monitor connects to your baby’s diaper. Rather than ensuring your baby is resting peacefully without movement or noise, this alarm monitors your baby’s abdominal movement.

Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor

Abdominal movement is the best way to monitor a baby’s breathing externally. Monitoring this type of movement allows you to receive an alert if your baby silently stops breathing. Gentle vibrations are used to stimulate movement, and when that fails, you will receive an alert to check on your little one.

While you may still use a traditional baby monitor when your baby is asleep, the Snuza Hero is a great addition to your sleep-time security system. This Snuza Hero review will introduce you to the features of this unique monitor so that you can determine if it is a good buy for your child. It’s important to note that this is the same unit that once went by the name Snuza Halo.

Snuza Hero Features


       Feature 1 Analog        Feature 4 Vibration Stimulation after 15 Seconds 
       Feature 2 Movement-Rate Indicator        Feature 5 Audible Alarm after 20 Seconds
       Feature 3 Low Battery Warning        Feature 6 Rouse Warning

Three Steps to Ensure Your Baby’s Safety

The goal of the Hero from Snuza isn’t to pick up every noise your baby makes. It is designed to monitor the wellbeing of your child so that you are alerted of potential breathing problems. There are three phases to the functioning of the unit:

1. A soft ticking sound lets you know that your baby is doing just fine. You don’t need to take any action when you hear this noise.

2. If your baby stops moving for 15 seconds or the rate of abdominal movement slows below eight movements per minute, the Hero will deliver a gentle vibration designed to stimulate movement. If your baby moves after the vibration or abdominal movement returns to normal, then the monitor returns to the soft ticking sound.

3. If your baby fails to move within five seconds of the vibration, you will receive an alert through your parent unit. You can then take action to check on your baby or seek help as needed.

This type of alarm works well when combined with a standard baby monitor which notifies you of sound and movement. The standard baby monitor will tell you when your child cries or starts to wake up and move around while the Snuza alarm monitors their breathing for safety purposes.

How to Use the Hero Alarm

Snuza Hero Baby Monitor Placement

Clip the Snuza Hero to your baby’s diaper and you’ll be alerted of no movement.

In order to ensure maximum functioning from your Hero monitor, you simply need to connect the receiver securely to the baby’s diaper. For toddlers or older children, you can secure the unit to their clothing in a place where it is not likely to fall off.

There are no cords or wires for your baby to get tangled in during sleep, and you don’t have to worry about emissions that could negatively impact your child’s health. Those factors combined make this a safe monitor that helps you keep your baby healthy, safe and happy during naptime and overnight rest periods.

Three Advantages of the Snuza Hero Baby Monitor

What more is there to say in a Snuza Hero review? There are three points that you need to consider before determining whether this is a useful monitor for your home or not.

1. This is a movement monitor rather than a sound monitor.

It’s important to make this distinction because a motion monitor is quite different from a monitor designed to pick up the sound of movement. The point with the Snuza Hero is to ensure your child is breathing at a healthy rate and to ensure you’re notified if their rate of breathing becomes too slow for their good. It clips conveniently to your baby’s diaper, so it won’t pick up background noise that is often transmitted through noise-focused baby monitors.

2. There are two position options for the Hero motion monitor: tummy or side.

If your baby typically flips to their stomach when they sleep, you can position the monitor on their side to ensure it functions properly. If your baby moves around a lot, you can choose either position depending on the most secure location within the diaper. The goal is to get creative and place it in a secure place where it won’t get knocked off during sleep.

As long as you attach it securely and select the right position, it should stay put while your child sleeps, even if they toss and turn frequently. While most parents report few false alarms with this monitor, those that do occur are typically caused by the receiver unit shaking free from the diaper and thus failing to pick up abdominal movement.

3. You can take this type of diaper movement monitor on the road, so it works in a wider variety of circumstances.

Do you want the comfort of knowing that your baby is breathing perfectly fine while in the backseat on a road trip? What about monitoring your baby in hotel rooms or when visiting family on overnight trips? Many motion detectors for babies work with pads that are placed underneath the crib mattress. You can’t easily take those alarms on the road, so you need something portable.

Since the Hero clips into your baby’s diaper, it is much easier to take with you. If you want to monitor your child’s breathing during their active daytime hours, you can still use it. This is a big benefit to parents of children with special needs.

Snuza Hero Advantages

Advantage 1 Practical monitoring tool for daytime and nighttime activities

Advantage 2 Useful for infants as well as growing babies

Advantage 3 Two position options

Advantage 4 Easy to attach to the diaper

Advantage 5 Enhanced peace of mind for parents, grandparents and caretakers

Snuza Hero Disadvantages

Disadvantage 1 It is possible for the receiver to fall away from the diaper, producing false alarms.

Disadvantage 2 The receiver must be placed in the right location in order for subtle abdominal movements to be detected accurately.

Final Considerations

When you read Snuza Hero reviews from parents already using the monitor, you hear powerful stories about the alerts saving the lives of many children. Other parents talk about the peace of mind that they gain from using the alarm while still others are impressed by the lack of false alarms produced by the monitor. These overwhelmingly positive reviews may get you excited about this new development in the baby monitor industry, but you still need to ensure it is a good fit for your baby.

For starters, there is no guarantee that this alarm will prevent SIDSchoking or other problems that can interfere with your baby’s breathing during sleep. You still need to listen for noise in the baby’s room and check on them if they sleep longer than usual or you have that gut feeling that something isn’t right. It is never safe to depend 100% on a monitor to alert you to problems, even though you are more likely to save your baby if you have at least one alarm in place.

False alarms are also possible if your baby moves around a lot, so you may consider that a disadvantage if your little one likes to move in his or her sleep. Even with that inconvenience possible, the peace of mind you get from the monitor is far more valuable in most cases.

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4.6 Rating for the Snuza Hero Movement Monitor

The Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor receives a 4.6 average rating from 314 customer reviews.

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