Angelcare Baby Monitors

Being a parent means protecting your child from any harm that may come their way and loving them unconditionally. As parents, we want to make sure that our children are safe and well-guarded and with the right products such as baby monitors and baby video cameras, we can do just that. At our secure website, Baby Monitor Best Buys, we carry the popular and well-recognized brand Angelcare as one of our many available products. Angelcare is a Canadian company that has been around since 1997 developing and improving its concepts and amazing nursery monitors. If you are looking for a trustworthy company that is dedicated to creating innovating monitors and baby cams, Angelcare will not disappoint you!

Angelcare was started by a worried new father, Maurice Pinsonnault who, like many new parents, wanted to reassure himself that his newborn was safe and sound in their crib. Pinsonnault decided to purchase the patent rights to a baby monitor that could detect a child’s breathing movement, which was developed in the UK. Unlike the UK version, Pinsonnault’s monitors are affordable and accessible to any parent that wanted to ease their worry. Today, Angelcare baby monitors are present in over 52 different countries around the world and have bought a peace of mind to new parents.