Baby Movement Monitors

Having a newborn at home can be nerve-racking especially when it comes to leaving your child alone in their crib. The fear and anxiety that comes with placing your child in their bed and closing the door can be eased with the right baby monitor system. Today there are audio, video and even movement monitors that will help ease your worry and help you and your child sleep peacefully at night. At this time you are looking through our Baby Movement Monitors category where you will find a nice range of products that will help monitor your child’s movement while they are in their crib. Look through our available items now and purchase the baby system that is right for you!

A Baby Movement Monitor is a system that has sensor pads that help observe your child’s movements while they are in their crib. The sensor pads are placed under the mattress and will set off an alarm if they don’t detect any movement for more than 20 seconds. Knowing when your child is not breathing can help you revive them in time or make sure that the child is safe in the crib sleeping and not wondering around the house if they are sneaky toddlers. If you want a system that will help you sleep better at night, make sure to purchase a baby movement monitor now!