Summer Infant Baby Monitors

In life we always want the best or as close to it as possible at a price that will not leave us with empty pockets. With most things in life, we have to settle for the next best thing but when it comes to our children’s’ safety, price is and should always be overlooked. Wouldn’t it be nice though to find a great product that works, is affordable, and is from a trustworthy company? With a company like Summer Infant Inc. you know that you are getting the most for your buck especially when it comes to baby monitors.

Summer Infant was started by a father who wanted to place his child Summer in a safe spot which led to the invention of the Bouncy Seat as well as the beginning of the company. Later In 2001, another father of four, Jason Macari bought the company and dedicated his time and effort in creating safe and reliable baby products that will lead to less stress and anxiety on parents like himself. Today, Summer Infant Inc has numerous awards for their innovating products as well as many awards for their amazing baby monitor systems. With awards such as ‘Best Product’, ‘Best Baby Monitor’, ‘Best Pick’, ‘Best Digital Baby Monitor’, how could you not trust Summer Infant Inc. video baby monitors?

Summer Infant Inc is a hard working company that is providing parents with incredible products that make our lives easier and of course less stressful. A baby monitor is one of the most essential items a parent can have that will give them an added peace of mind while they are away from the child. This company has a variety of choices when it comes to baby video monitors including touch screen, color video monitors, handheld color video monitors, and more! Most of their baby monitors include over a 400 feet range, rechargeable batteries, and power saving mode. Other great features on some of their products like the Baby Touch Digital Color Monitor also has a two way talk back feature as well as scan and zoom options.

Another great Summer Infant product is their Secure Sight Handheld Color Video Monitor which allows you to look over your child from different rooms. The Secure Sight monitor has a 2inch screen with rechargeable batteries and a low battery indicator to remind you when you need to charge the device. This handy baby monitor also has a built in flip stand that allows for easy stand as well as night vision so that you can see your child while they sleep at night as well. So if you are in search of a new baby camera monitor, make sure to get one from Summer Infant Inc., a company that offers durability, convenience and great value!