Summer Infant Baby Touch Review – A Baby Monitor/Security System


Summer Infant Baby Touch Receives 3.7 RatingThe Summer Infant Baby Touch is a video baby monitoring system with touchscreen technology. The system is designed to give parents around-the-clock video coverage of their baby’s nursery with the option to add even more cameras to monitor other areas of the home. The result is a baby monitor that can double as a nanny cam or contribute to your home security system.

Summer Infant Baby Touch Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Baby Touch Features


       Feature 1 Digital         Feature 8 Sound Light Alert
       Feature 2 400 ft. Range        Feature 9 Rechargeable Batteries
       Feature 3 2.4 GHz Frequency        Feature 10 Low Battery Warning
       Feature 4 3.5″ LCD Display        Feature 11 Out of Range Warning
       Feature 5 Two Way Talk-Back        Feature 12 Connect up to 4 Cameras
       Feature 6 Night Vision        Feature 13 Belt Clip
       Feature 7 Pan/Tilt/Zoom  

There are other baby monitors offering the same type of features, but you have to ask yourself whether this type of system does a great job of monitoring your baby while monitoring the rest of your home. It turns out this is a convenient option if you want to watch your baby day and night beyond simple coverage of the nursery.


What to Expect from the Summer Infant Baby Touch

Installing the Summer Infant Baby Touch system may seem intimidating at first glance. It comes in a large box that contains two units. One is the video camera which is positioned in the baby’s room. The second unit is the video screen which stays with you so that you can see your baby and hear the noise coming from their room at all times. The video screen is 3.5” and features color video feeds from the baby’s room.

Baby Touch Camera will Pan, Scan and ZoomYou can put your receiver on the built-in stand or clip it to your belt and take it around the house with you. There are simple buttons to control the unit’s power, volume and talk features. Panning, tilting and zooming the camera are accomplished by simply touching the screen. This is an advanced feature that you won’t find on many competing video baby monitors. Other advanced features include in-room temperature readouts and motion tracking.

You also receive the screw and drywall anchor needed to secure the camera to the wall. A nice safety touch is the included wire clip to ensure your baby won’t tug at or get tangled in the wires. You get the choice of charging your receiver unit through a charging cable or a charging stand, both included with your purchase.

Watch Your Baby On the Go

Summer Infant Baby Touch Additional CamerasThe most basic functioning for this system is as a video baby monitor that covers one room of your home. You can add extra cameras to monitor multiple rooms, and you have the option to adjust the system to send video feeds through your cell phone. This allows you to check up on your baby while you are away at home. This works well if you need a nanny cam to ensure your baby is safe while you’re at work.

You need to download the Android or iOS compatible app in order to use the mobile streaming feature. Once you download the app, find the QR code on the bottom panel of the base and scan it with your phone. This allows the app to automatically send your Wi-Fi information to the camera, allowing it to connect wirelessly.

The Upsell

If you want to watch your baby monitor feeds over the internet, there are some extra expenses you may want to consider. There is an expensive monthly subscription that will allow you to watch the video feeds over the internet while blocking anyone else from accessing those feeds. You can also pay for a subscription, when available, to simply alert you when someone other than you is watching.

Potential Problems with the Summer Infant Baby Touch to Consider

There are some problems that you may want to think about while comparing this video monitor to competitors. For one, this system lacks a nightlight which is prominently featured on many other video baby monitors. Some parents also find the power system inconvenient because you have to hold the button down a few seconds before it goes off or on.

Baby Touch Parent UnitThe placement of the buttons and the need to press the edges of the screen for the touchscreen features are common complaints from users. For instance, the motion tracking button is located in the bottom left corner in an awkward spot.

Many users also find the apps less than intuitive. There is a lot of button tapping and time is wasted searching around for icons that are too small to be easily noticed. Once you find your way around the apps this should become less of a confusing problem, but with so many buttons to tap just to change settings, it is a bit of an inconvenience.

What about Quality?

If you decide that you don’t care about the upsell and potential downfalls already listed, you are probably interested in the quality offered by this Summer baby monitor. Many users complain that the video quality is less than stellar, and some complain that the units suck through batteries a bit faster than some competing baby monitors.

It’s worth noting that most users find the system free of interference, so you won’t have to worry about it conflicting with your Wi-Fi system or other baby monitors in nearby homes. Some users complained that the range was less than 200 feet from their home, so you may consider that a weakness if you have a large home or want to take your receiver far from the baby’s room.

If you aren’t sure you want to trust this baby monitor, read other video baby monitor reviews to discover some high-quality alternatives.

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Summer Infant Baby Touch Receives a 3.7 Rating

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Receives an average customer rating of 3.7 from 679 reviews.

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