Baby Monitor Review: Summer Infant Best View 2.5” Handheld Color Video Monitor


3.9 Star Customer RatingMost parents who have tried the Summer Infant Best View Video Baby Monitor agree that it is one of the best video monitors currently on the market. Digital technology is used to ensure exceptional clarity in video and audio output. Color video is displayed on a 2.5” screen in color. Not only is that larger screen than many other handheld video monitors offered, but you can scan, pan and zoom with this monitor.

Summer Infant Best View Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Best View Features


       Feature 1 Digital        Feature 7 Sound Light Alert
       Feature 2 400 ft. Range        Feature 8 Volume Control
       Feature 3 2.4 GHz Frequency        Feature 9 Rechargeable Batteries
       Feature 4 Two Way Talk-Back        Feature 10 Low Battery Warning
       Feature 5 Night Vision        Feature 11 2.5″ LCD Display
       Feature 6 Pan/Tilt/Zoom        Feature 12 Connect up to 4 Cameras


More than 70 parents already using the Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor have rated the product at 4.5 to 5 stars through a trustworthy website. This is clearly one monitor to keep your eye on if you want to make sure your baby is safe in your home.

Video Quality

When the sun is shining, you can count on the Summer Infant Best View Video Monitor to display clear images of your sleeping or playing baby. When the sun goes down, the night vision feature comes into play and you still get to watch your baby closely even without turning a light on in the baby’s room.

There could be one slight glitch with the red lights that shine from the front of the monitor. Some parents have reported that these lights blink ever five seconds. This can cause the view on the monitor to blink as well. This may be a sign that the room is not dark enough and the monitor cannot determine whether night or day vision should be used. It is also possible that units blinking in this manner are defective, since not all parents have experienced the blinking with their monitors.

Some parents do find the green power light on the monitor to be too bright, but it is easily covered up with tape. The green lights above the camera and red lights surrounding the camera should not blink at all.

Audio Quality

Audio quality on the Summer Infant Best View Video Monitor is so high that you can hear a baby’s quite breathing no matter where you are in the home. If the monitor is close, so is your baby’s every breath. You can hear as much or as little as you want just by controlling the settings on the monitor. You can even turn the volume off and just watch the lights on the monitor to detect sound from your baby.

If there is a downside to using this monitor for audio feedback, it is that you have to get into the menu to adjust the volume. It is still simple to adjust the volume, but it is not as easy as turning a knob or dial on the side of the monitor.

One thing to keep in mind is that in-home usage may not allow the full range advertised by the manufacturer. The box says the Summer Infant Best Monitor will cover a 350 feet range, but when used in a home you can expect it to cover no more than 60 feet. Users have reported using the monitor in multi-level homes without problems, but the range is not comparable to what is advertised.

Even with those potential downfalls, you will never have to deal with static interfering with your sound quality.

The Chance of Interference

The frequency for the Summer Infant Best View Video Baby Monitor is 2.4GHz (802.11g). Even though this frequency is also used by many standard household networks, most users do not experience interference. Those who do experience interference typically experience problems with their routers or laptops operating in close proximity to the camera. If you experience this type of interference, the problem may be solved by flipping the monitor to the 802.11n (MIMO) frequency.

What Else Does the Summer Infant Best View Offer?

Best Baby Monitor AwardBefore you decide whether this is the baby monitor for you, there are some other features to consider:

1. Three AA rechargeable NiMh batteries are included with the purchase of the Summer Infant Best View Monitor. These batteries will hold a charge for up to 10 hours of active use. To maximize efficiency, the monitor screen automatically turns off. This allows your batteries to last longer, but it also means you have to hit a button to keep the screen active. If you find that annoying, you can plug the monitor into the wall to ensure the video screen never blacks out.

2. When you mount your camera, you get to tilt and turn the unit to find the perfect angle for coverage of your little one’s room. You use a handheld monitor and a joystick controller to tilt and turn the motorized mount after installation. This means you never have to worry about losing site of your little one. The camera can pan up to 320 degrees, and the movement is so quiet that you never have to worry about waking up the baby. You can also tilt the camera upwards to 90 degrees or downward to 40 degrees. Two zoom settings ensure you can get up close and personal with your little one when necessary.

3. You are not limited to just one camera with the Summer Infant Best View. You can integrate as many as four cameras, which is perfect for families with multiple children who need monitored simultaneously.

The Parental View

Many parents are already using the Summer Infant Best View Video Baby Monitor, and for the most part the monitor is parent-approved. Parents love the 2.5” monitoring screen and the feature-rich system. If you are looking for a functional, effective system perfect for a growing family, this is one monitor to consider.

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3.9 Star Customer Rating

80 customer reviews gave the Summer Infant Best View Baby Monitor a 3.9 Star Rating

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