Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Review


3.1 Star Customer RatingThe Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Baby Video Monitor is loaded with features that give parents peace of mind. Themonitor includes a seven inch LCD flat screen with color display that tilts and swivels so parents have more options when selecting the bestangle. A portable color monitor measuring 1.8” is included as well, so parents are not limited to one room for viewing.

Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Baby Video Monitor

Summer Infant Complete Coverage Features


       Feature 1 Digital        Feature 6 Sound Light Alert
       Feature 2 400 ft. Range        Feature 7 Night Vision
       Feature 3 900 MHz Frequency        Feature 8 Rechargeable Batteries
       Feature 4 2 Channels        Feature 9 Low Battery Warning
       Feature 5 7″ & 1.8″ LCD Display        Feature 10 Belt Clip

Since this Summer baby video monitor transmits at 900 MHz, it delivers exceptional clarity. There are two channel options, which allow parents toavoid interference with cordless phones and other devices. The video monitor has a 400 foot range.

How do you know the Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Monitor is for you? All of the features will be analyzed for you in this review, but it may help to know that other parents already using this baby monitor give it an average of 4.5 to 5 stars in online parent reviews.

Video Clarity

Thanks to the night vision feature, there should never be a problem clearly viewing your baby through this crystal clear video monitor. You do not even need to turn a light on in the nursery to see the baby when night vision is turned on. Day or night, the monitor clarity is exceptional.

Since you have two monitors in this set, it is possible for multiple people to keep watch on the baby from different areas of the home. That is an extreme convenience for parents.

Audio Clarity

If you hear static transmitted through the Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Baby Video Monitor, change the frequency channel or adjust the position of the monitor slightly. Other than the necessity of these adjustments occasionally, the audio clarity is exceptional. Most parents never experience interference from cordless phones or computers in the home, but there is a way to fix that if it does occur.

Other Considerations of the Summer Infant Complete Coverage Monitor

The portable video monitor included in this set can be set to transmit audio only or video and audio. It operates off a rechargeable battery, and the battery’s lifespan is impressive even when you are streaming video. The secret is to allow the batteries to die out completely before recharging them. When using video, this small monitor does have a sleep mode that automatically takes effect after a few minutes. You simply press a button to bring the picture back.

There are some potential downsides to using the Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Baby Video Monitor. For instance, you cannot pan or zoom in on either of the monitors. There is no way to monitor two children in different areas of the home at the same time. You are limited to the viewing range of one camera.

Most parents accept the limited downsides to this video monitor because there are so many upsides. This is a high quality, dependable monitor that many other parents have positively reviewed. If you are want peace of mind that comes with knowing your baby is safe and sound, the Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Baby Video Monitor is one monitor that can deliver.

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3.1 Star Customer Rating

3.1 Star rating for the Summer Complete Coverage Baby Monitor from 146 customers.

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