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What Every New Parent Should Know About Baby Sleep Training

Babies vary in their sleep habits. Some babies have little trouble falling asleep while others may require baby sleep training to develop a regular routine. If you’re a new mother, taking care of a baby of your own can be quite an adjustment, especially if your baby wakes up periodically during the night. A baby’s […]


What Is Colic In Babies And How Do I Deal With It?

What is colic in babies? Unfortunately, doctors have no easy answer to this question. Colic is commonly defined as crying and fussiness that goes on for more than three hours a day for three or more days a week. It typically lasts anywhere from three to four months, although in some cases a baby may […]


Audio Development: The Importance Of Music For Babies

Playing music for babies is something that occurs naturally to many parents. How many of you remember your parents singing to you, or soothing a child with a gentle melody? Music seems to be an incidental part of growth for many, but it’s actually quite important for the development of a child. If you expose […]