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The Benefits Of Breastfeeding: Why Breast Milk Is The Best For Your Baby

We all have heard about the benefits of breastfeeding, and new studies keep confirming how beneficial breast milk is to your baby. Research has shown that breast milk is a complete, unique form of nutrition that has more health benefits to infants than any other nutritional source. It is also now considered a better source […]


How To Swaddle A Baby – Everything You Wanted To Learn But Did Not Know Where To Ask.

A new parent’s life is filled with joy, excitement, new experiences, and a lot of questions. How to swaddle a baby? How to feed and burp your infant? What to do if the tiny tot just refuses to settle down and sleep? What is startle reflex? How to minimize risk of SIDS? It is perfectly […]


What New Mothers Need To Know About Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden infant death syndrome, also known as SIDS, is a term used to describe the sudden, unexplained death of a healthy baby when he is asleep. Although there has been a decline in SIDS in recent decades, it remains a serious concern for new parents. Information about SIDS can help you through the early parts of […]