Withings Smart Video Baby Monitor Review


3.0 Customer RatingThe Withings Smart video baby monitor takes every nursery into the modern world. If you’re not interested in wasting your money on an outdated analog monitor and expect your video monitor to deliver clear images with crisp sound, this is a monitor that may meet your expectations. It has been given a lot of attention from parents and caregivers as well as industry professionals, so keep reading to determine whether it’s a wise investment for your baby’s room or not.

Withings Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor


Features of the Withings Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor


       Feature 1 Wi-Fi        Feature 9 2.4 GHz Frequency
       Feature 2 Bluetooth        Feature 10 Temperature Sensor
       Feature 3 Use with iPhone, iPad, Android        Feature 11 Humidity Sensor
       Feature 4 Night Light        Feature 12 Rechargeable Batteries
       Feature 5 Two Way Talk-Balk        Feature 13 Backup Battery
       Feature 6 Plays 7 Lullabies        Feature 14 Sound Alert
       Feature 7 Night Vision        Feature 15 Motion Detector
       Feature 8 Pan/Tilt/Zoom  


Sleek and Compact

When you receive your Withings Smart monitor, you may think you’re opening an iPod or smart phone rather than a smart monitor. It is compact and easy to handle, but it still delivers everything expected from an advanced video baby monitor. You can install it anywhere in the room or use the included clip to secure on the side of a crib or bedrail. The included manual is clear and easy to follow, unlike the confusing manuals that come with many other monitors.

The rechargeable baby monitor comes with the power supply cord and a collection of international plug adaptors, so you can take this monitor with you on trips. It also comes with a storage case that is beautifully padded, reducing the risk of damaging the monitor while you travel. It charges through a micro USB plug and comes with a backup battery that will keep the camera going for approximately one hour if your unit loses power.

There’s an App for That

There’s an app for just about anything these days, and the Withings Smart baby monitor is no exception. There is an app for Android and iOS systems, and they work well with Wi-Fi. You can connect the monitor to any 2.4GHz network, but you always have the Ethernet port if you want to plug up or don’t have Wi-Fi.

Using an iPhone with the Withings Smart Baby Monitor

Once you download the app, you can watch feeds from your baby monitor through your phone or a computer. You can use a four-digit password to lock access from your phone, and you will establish an account on the Withings website to access through the computer. You will establish a password and username when you sign up for your account online. If you have already signed up to use other Withings products, you can use the same account to access your baby monitor feeds.

Are you concerned about unauthorized people accessing your feeds? You have the option to turn off Wi-Fi and use the Bluetooth mode. This limits your range for mobile viewing, but it does stop others from accessing your feeds if that is a concern.

Once your app is established, you can zoom, pan and tilt the camera without actually walking into your baby’s room. You can even snap still photos when you see your angel doing something precious. Your app will notify you if the temperature changes in the baby’s room, and the motion detector will help you identify when your little one is getting restless. The motion detector isn’t necessarily the best, but it is a nice feature that helps you watch over your baby while remaining productive in your daily life.

One thing worth mentioning about the Android app: it may not work when you connect to a guest Wi-Fi connection. It works best if you are on a secure network or connect from your home or work. Most users don’t have that problem when using the iOS app. Both apps are prone to occasional disconnection messages that are quickly remedied on their own.

Talk Features

Not only can you hear what your baby is babbling through your parent receiver, but the Smart monitor also allows you to talk back to your baby. You can do this not only from the receiver but also from the app. You can even choose from prerecorded lullabies to soothe your baby back to sleep if they wake up too soon or have a bad dream. This is one of the best helpers a busy parent can ask for today. Select the standard Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or use one of the six other options. You can even choose white noise if it helps your little one sleep.

Video and Nightlight Quality

Withings Smart Monitor Night Light

The nightlight built into this monitor is nice because it allows you to pick from a variety of colors, and you can even use a sequence with multiple colors. The infrared night vision allows you to see a clear image of your baby even in complete darkness, so it’s okay if your little one prefers not to have any light in the room. You may not get exactly 3MP resolution as advertised when watching through the mobile app, but the image is still surprisingly clear.

Should You Choose the Withings Smart Monitor?

This monitor is smart when it comes to viewing your baby through remote applications. It does come with a sleek, modern design that many parents adore, but it doesn’t allow you to connect multiple cameras as some other monitors allow. This means you can’t use your baby monitor as a nanny cam throughout your home if you select this Withings monitor. However, you may still find it your preferred option if you want to view your baby from your cell phone or demand exceptionally clear feeds all day and night.

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3.0 Customer Rating for the Withings Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

The Withings Smart Baby Monitor receives a 3.0 average rating from 314 customer reviews on Amazon.

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